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Parent Responsibilities

Parent/Caretaker/Guardian Engagement

Partnering with families of students is necessary for CMCP to build strong relationships and strengthen our community. We require and need our students’ adult caretakers to actively engage in their child’s education and to provide support to the best of their ability.

1. Attend Parent Meetings

Student-Led Conferences
Families of freshmen and sophomore students will be required to attend at least one student-led conference during the school year. Having the student lead the conversation builds critical thinking and reflective skills while informing families of how the adolescent is progressing.

College Workshops
Being ready to apply for colleges and universities is an on-going process, from helping students identifying their interests to actually searching for and completing applications. Differentiated workshops that differ for each grade level will be offered in collaboration with the Montessori counselor. At these workshops, parents will learn what they can do at home to assist their child with college readiness.

2. Attend Student Work Showcases

Throughout the year, we invite families to share and celebrate the creative work our students produce across our cycle themes.

3. Check ParentVue

Parents can request a login from Kim Sweet ( to view student’s grades to see how their child is doing in class. We encourage students to directly have a conversation with their teacher about grade concerns first, rather than parents, in order to increase the sense of adolescent autonomy.

4. Stay Up-to-Date Communication


A student’s advisory teacher is usually the first point of contact for questions and concerns. Keeping in touch with your child’s advisor is a great form of communication.


All parents should be signed up for Remind, either through email or text, as this is our primary way of getting communication home to families. If you need assistance in signing up for Remind, please email Danchi Nguyen at

Social Media

If you use Social Media, you can follow us on Instagram at @camelbackmontessori or on Facebook as Camelback Montessori College Preparatory.

5. Find a Space and Time for Your Child to Work Outside of School

In addition to work time provided in class and advisory, students will be expected to regularly set aside time for completing academic assignments and projects outside of the school day. We ask for your support in helping your child find a designated space and time in their routine for the completion of these academic tasks. Establishing a quiet spot to do work will build your child’s work ethic and prepare them for necessary study skills in college. Our campus library is also open until 5:30 pm every day.

6. Encourage Child’s Extracurricular Interests

As all students are required to join a club or a sport encourage your child to pursue an extra-curricular interest. If you are able, attend your child’s events or even our larger events to show your support.

7. Provide Service to our Montessori Community

Volunteer Time

If you have time and are able to volunteer, either in the classroom or from home, please email your student’s advisory teacher and let them know. We appreciate all hands on deck. In addition, some of our special events can be greatly helped with parent volunteer.

Donation of materials

We are always in need of basic school supplies, especially dry erase markers, tissues, permanent markers, laminating sheets, etc. We are also trying to have a collection of tents and sleeping bags so that we can more easily take our kids camping.

Connection with Guest Speakers

When we can’t take students on an outside learning experience, bring in an outside speaker can often be the next best thing. Speakers that connect directly to content, connect to career/college readiness, or offer socio-emotional support and motivation are helpful in building connections to the greater community.

Partnership with Community Members and Businesses

Our juniors and seniors are expected to job shadow, intern, and find mentors. Having a variety of potential groups to network with gives our students more choice in learning more about what they want their role in society to be. Partnering with businesses can also help us run fundraisers.

Tax Credit Donations

Our Montessori Club qualifies for the Arizona Education Tax Credit, which allows single taxpayers or a head of a household a credit of up to $200, and married couples filing jointly, up to $400, if they contribute by April 15 of each year. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state income taxes, which means taxpayers will have the amount of the contribution subtracted from the amount of taxes owed. This tax credit is available to all taxpayers, not just those with children in public schools, so extended family and friends can assist. To donate, please go online to or request a brochure from your child’s advisor.



What Parents are Saying

“Oh my goodness this school looks much different from my time there in 1993 I was made to transfer to Central high school. Wish they never transfered me.I had the greatest teachers and the other staff was great too. Not to mention all the friends and memories.”

“Camelback is a great school to be at. The Teachers are nice careing loving people ; they make sure every student can get the help they need to pass their classes and gradeurate; with that being said no student is left behind at Camelback high school.”

“I like this they rly care about their students, and help out a lot, I’ve been here for 3 years, now I’m a senior, this school, the students, the faculty, has or is going to achieve great things.”