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Support our Sponsor: Success is Mandatory

Success is Mandatory LogoThe creation of our website could not have been possible without the work of the Camelback Community Network. The Camelback Community Network formed as a branch of the Social Venture Partners of Arizona, whose mission was to bring together the support of local Phoenix businesses and professional people to support education.

Through the Camelback Community Network, Camelback High School was able to begin an innovative peer-led and technologically advanced tutoring program after school, which helped struggling students to achieve drastic gains and change the academic culture at Camelback High School.

The Camelback Community Network continues to provide financial support and copious amounts of hours to the Camelback High School Community, including the Coding Club, the Distributive Entrepreneurship Clubs of America class, the Business Department, Student Government, Diversity Camp, the Success is Mandatory tutoring program, and countless extra-curricular activities through Support My Club.

Please take a moment to visit the Camelback Community Network’s website,, to learn more about the case study done on Camelback High School as a model for success in a large urban high school environment.

Camelback Montessori College Preparatory cannot express enough gratitude for the generosity from the members of the Camelback Community Network in supporting our students and our mission.