Camelback Montessori College Preparatory

Frequently Asked Questions
What type of student would be a good fit for Camelback Montessori College Preparatory?
We are looking for students who desire to learn from a rigorous honors curriculum. Our students are highly independent, but can also work well collaboratively with others. Our students are able to manage their time and have a system for organization. Our students contribute to a strong sense of community. Our students have a passion for creating a better society.
What is the expected daily homework load?
If students are organized and use their time wisely throughout the day, there will be an average of 1.5-2 hours of homework each night for the Montessori courses.
What are the class sizes?
We will accept, at most, 48 students for each grade level. Each grade level consists of two cohorts, with no more than 25 students per cohort.
Is there an upfront cost for the program?
Money will be needed throughout the year to support student activities for off-campus field experiences, ranging from $25-$600, depending on the class year and whether the outing is within Phoenix or out-of-state. All students will have ample opportunities to raise funds. There is no tuition fee itself as we are free and public Title One school.
Where do your students come from?
We have students hailing from all over the valley including Phoenix, Glendale, Laveen, Apache Junction and Anthem.
How is your schedule set up?
We have two Montessori blocks each day for freshmen and sophomores. There is one 105 minute block in the morning and one 105 minute block in the afternoon. Our blocked courses are Honors English, Honors Math, Honors Science, and Honors Social Science. Students will take two electives with the main campus, which are each 50 minutes long. Our juniors and seniors will have one blocked Montessori course, either in the morning or afternoon, in order to allow flexibility to pursue a wider range of electives and AP courses of choice.
Do the students have electives?
The students will have at least two electives where they will be integrated with the Camelback High School students. For freshmen and sophomores, the first two periods of the day are dedicated to electives. For juniors and seniors, their electives can occur at any time outside of their designated Montessori block.
How do your students utilize technology?
Each student will be given an iPad for school and home use. Each of our four classrooms also has iMac computers for students to use as well. Each class is also equipped with a Smart Board and an Apple TV. Students will also have access to the school computer labs and printers if needed both before school, during lunch, afterschool, and on select Saturdays.
Are your teachers Montessori Certified?
All of our teachers will eventually be credentialed by the American Montessori Society (AMS) through the Cincinnati Montessori Secondary Teacher Education Program. Currently, 4 out of our 7 staff members hold an AMS Montessori credential, with plans to train our remaining staff over the next few years.
How do I set up a shadow experience?

We allow for shadows to come on Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 am- 11:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please fill out the request for shadowing form here.

Do students participate in sports and clubs?
Students are required to participate in a club or sport offered by Camelback. Students may also start a club. We encourage participating in our Montessori Club to connect CMCP to larger communities.
Can students take AP classes?
Yes, students do have the option of enrolling in AP courses junior and senior year. Due to the unique block scheduling, the only AP Courses available to Montessori students are: AP Spanish, AP Studio Art, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. However,if you want your child’s schedule to consist of taking a majority of AP classes, this probably is not the best fit, as the nature of AP testing takes away from the diverse components of a comprehensive Montessori education. All of our classes in Camelback Montessori are taken as Honors level courses.
How will Camelback Montessori College Preparatory prepare my child for college?
Students will work collaboratively and independently in different environments. Students are given their work at least one week at a time, teaching them how to long-term plan and break up deadlines into smaller chunks. Students will learn to research and write papers in both MLA and APA formats. Students will work on long and short term projects. Students will give presentations to the class. Students partake in academic Socratic seminars on books and articles. In addition, we have a college readiness ACT goal for all students to meet or exceed a 22, which guarantees admission to all in-state universities as well as is the nationally recognized indicator for college readiness as measured by the ACT. Preparation is embedded through rich literacy skills across all content areas as well as periodic interventions during the advisory course.
Where can I find the application for Camelback Montessori College Preparatory?

Please access our application here.



What Parents are Saying

"Oh my goodness this school looks much different from my time there in 1993 I was made to transfer to Central high school. Wish they never transfered me.I had the greatest teachers and the other staff was great too. Not to mention all the friends and memories."

"Camelback is a great school to be at. The Teachers are nice careing loving people ; they make sure every student can get the help they need to pass their classes and gradeurate; with that being said no student is left behind at Camelback high school."

"I like this they rly care about their students, and help out a lot, I've been here for 3 years, now I'm a senior, this school, the students, the faculty, has or is going to achieve great things."