Camelback Montessori College Preparatory

College Readiness


College Readiness

    In addition to being a Montessori program, Camelback Montessori College Preparatory is also a college preparatory program.

    It is a priority for us to prepare students for college and beyond. Our focus on college-readiness allows us to partner with the adolescents to help them achieve their post-secondary goals and provide access to available resources to help them achieve those goals.

    Students have the option of receiving college credits for math through our dual enrollment offering. As a team, our teachers have chosen to focus on college readiness skills measured by the American College Test (ACT).

    The ACT is a national standardized college readiness assessment, and it is used as an indicator of how well students are projected to perform in their first year college classes.

    In addition, the ACT can open up both admissions and scholarship opportunities for our students. Our students are also prepared for conducting research in a collegial setting through numerous research papers using both APA and MLA formatting.

    Seniors participate in a culminating year-long capstone project which combines action research with enacting change in a real-world community.



    What Parents are Saying

    “Oh my goodness this school looks much different from my time there in 1993 I was made to transfer to Central high school. Wish they never transfered me.I had the greatest teachers and the other staff was great too. Not to mention all the friends and memories.”

    “Camelback is a great school to be at. The Teachers are nice careing loving people ; they make sure every student can get the help they need to pass their classes and gradeurate; with that being said no student is left behind at Camelback high school.”

    “I like this they rly care about their students, and help out a lot, I’ve been here for 3 years, now I’m a senior, this school, the students, the faculty, has or is going to achieve great things.”