About Us

About Camelback Montessori

School Within a School Model

Located within the 4000 Building at Camelback High School, Camelback Montessori College Preparatory is proud to be able to embody Montessori pedagogy while having access to the diverse, rich opportunities available to a comprehensive high school campus.

Our students represent a community of 90 adolescents within the school’s larger population of 2,200 students. As such, CMCP often tells visitors we have a small school feel with big school opportunities.

Our students are able to select from a wide range of electives with the main campus, including performance arts, visual arts, foreign languages, engineering, culinary, JROTC, and business courses.

We offer competitive athletics throughout the school year, including cheer, cross country, football, golf, swim, basketball, soccer, wrestling, baseball, softball, tennis, and track.

Our campus has over 50 student-run clubs and more are added each year based on student initiative and interest.

In addition, our students choose from Camelback High School’s traditional math and science courses during their junior and senior year, allowing for students to pick from a broader selection of offerings, including the option of AP level courses.


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Clubs and Sports

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Vision, Philosophy and Core Values


To nurture socially responsible, life-long learners whom are ready to engage in active citizenship.


To fulfill this vision, we seek to develop the whole child by providing a comprehensive Montessori education. Our holistic approach to education allows our students to receive differentiated instruction, to work in a multitude of grouping arrangements, and to learn in a variety of different environments, both within and outside of the school setting.  We are committed to connecting rigorous content to real world applications and prepare our students for the transition into post-secondary education and life. Through intentional community building, our students learn to value interpersonal relationships as they strive to find their role in society.

Our Core Values

  • Hard Work
    Persevering in academics and life by focusing on actions within our locus of control and by resiliently moving forward toward growth and progress.
  • Learning
    Engaging in a rigorous honors curriculum through an academic culture of choice and creativity while continuously striving for improvement.
  • Respect
    Exhibiting grace and courtesy within our global community to recognize we are all united in our humanity.
  • Community
    Emphasizing a common purpose by acknowledging the dignity of humans and the nurturing of relationships.
  • Peace
    Contributing to the betterment of the world through our service to and interactions with others in our quest for equity.
  • Diversity
    Understanding and embracing the need for individual and group differences.


What Parents are Saying

"Oh my goodness this school looks much different from my time there in 1993 I was made to transfer to Central high school. Wish they never transfered me.I had the greatest teachers and the other staff was great too. Not to mention all the friends and memories."

"Camelback is a great school to be at. The Teachers are nice careing loving people ; they make sure every student can get the help they need to pass their classes and gradeurate; with that being said no student is left behind at Camelback high school."

"I like this they rly care about their students, and help out a lot, I've been here for 3 years, now I'm a senior, this school, the students, the faculty, has or is going to achieve great things."